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A Writing Technique To Reveal Subconscious Thoughts For Permanent Weight control

Basic Premise

One of the basic dimensions of thought is verbalization, i.e., to record your experiences and to express your feelings. Since many thoughts are instantaneous and fleeting, they are frequently forgotten and filed away indefinitely in the vast storage area of the subconscious mind. Write about these thoughts at the precise moment they occur so that they will be recorded accurately and permanently. Then they can be reviewed, discussed, and considered at your leisure.

There have been several occasions when Dr. Schiff has asked patients to repeat a thought or an event they had related only a few moments before. They are often unable to remember or had considerable difficulty in recalling the specific thought or event. These thoughts which readily escape our conscious mind can also lead to other important thoughts and ideas. Eventually, this writing technique can lead to greater insight and self-understanding.

Allow as much time as possible to meditate in a peaceful, quiet setting and to think about your overweight problem --- how it began, why it began, and why it has continued for many years, perhaps a lifetime.

Next, consider any situations or events which contribute to or prolong your overweight problem. What experiences, both past and recent, relate to your problem? What negative variables and untoward feelings continue to make these factors a significant and difficult aspect of both your physical and emotional being?

Thus far this approach is sound psychological advice. However, let’s go one step further --- a very important step and one that is crucial for achieving meaningful and permanent results. This next major step is to write about your overweight problem!
Instructions For Technique

The following are some basic instructions that illustrate how to implement this beneficial writing technique.

Don’t write in storybook or letter form. Write spontaneously, as though you were thinking and talking at the same time, much as though you were talking to Dr. Schiff and describing your weight problem. Allow your thoughts to flow uninterrupted and unaffected by time, sequence, or orderly progression. Let it all “hang out” naturally. Any words, phrases, sentences, or expressions that you may consider unimportant can be extremely important. Many individuals have similar thoughts and ideas. These expressions and thoughts may seem ridiculous only because people invariably don’t understand their confused mental state and their troubled inner being; they just don’t understand themselves!

Don’t concern yourself with grammar, correct spelling or sentence structure since no one other than you will be reading or monitoring what you have recorded. Do not procrastinate and say you don’t have enough time --- this is a common excuse or rationalization.

It is important to express your feelings and thoughts as much as possible. How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror (or when you look into the mirror of your mind)? What do you feel and think as you pause to reflect upon your experiences and those individuals who have a bearing upon your life?

After writing candidly and spontaneously, read this material over and over again; even read it aloud. The period at the end of a sentence is not necessarily the end of that particular thought. Don’t always accept whatever you have written as being the final thought or conclusion; we often fail to adequately and completely express our experiences, emotions and thoughts.

Next, question yourself thoroughly about everything that you have written. Ask yourself HOW? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? Be firm with yourself and respond with candor to all your questions. However, don’t struggle with yourself and become distressed; instead, become your own “listening post” and “sounding board.” You may find it helpful to record the actual questions. If you become confused and don’t understand, then move forward by writing about your “bottleneck.” But remember, make your responses and answers direct and spontaneous.

There are many moments when a thought or idea will suddenly “pop” into your mind about your overweight problem. Don’t assume you can store this information in your memory bank or that you can depend upon total recall at a later time. You will lose many valuable thoughts and important information if you rely on this “hit and miss” approach; consequently, it is advisable to carry a notebook and pen at all times. Write a few notes or key expressions at the very moment an event or thought flashes into your consciousness. Later, perhaps that evening, you can refer to those hastily written notes and fill in the details.

Following through with this writing technique on a daily basis will become a valuable and gratifying accomplishment. It is YOUR life, thus, the significance of following through with these suggestions becomes obvious. Begin now, this very day! When you become a writer, you become a RIGHT-ER.

Effect Of This Technique

This method of “opening up your mind” will allow you to develop considerable understanding about yourself and your overweight problem. This mental exercise (writing technique) will lead you along pathways lined with an orderly or a mixed assortment of experiences, thoughts and ideas. In essence, everyone can open up their subconscious mind to information, feelings and thoughts that have been filed or locked away for a long time, perhaps years.

To explain this technique, Dr. Schiff often uses the analogy of a jig-saw puzzle. When these many experiences, thoughts and ideas have been elevated to the level of your consciousness, then they can be considered and reviewed simultaneously for your benefit. This is similar to viewing all the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle that are spread before you at one time. Then this information can be sorted and rearranged in a logical fashion in order to fully resolve your personal puzzle. This will enable you to understand the true nature of yourself and your overweight problem.

There are numerous situations and problems that we experience in our daily lives. There are many questions and answers that are a product of these experiences as our innermost thoughts surface from our subconscious mind. Initially, these thoughts may be confusing and difficult to understand. The pain will eventually diminish and the final benefits will certainly justify this exposure. And, the pointer on the scale will continue to arc downward as the excess pounds gradually melt away.

The pathway to your body is through and within YOUR mind!

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