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Without a doubt, dieting is a foolish game people play. Overweight people see their weight situation in terms of the food they eat or don’t eat. Therefore, when they go on a diet, they shed weight; when they go off the diet, they gain the weight back… sooner or later. They play the DIET game and the ON-OFF game. Don’t use gimmicks, rationalizations or excuses and fad diets – they don’t work! A “mental diet,” thinking and eating sensibly will work!

In Dr. Schiff’s proven, easy-to-follow system for permanent weight loss, the overweight individual gains insight and understanding into the how and why of eating, then turns this knowledge gained into pounds permanently lost. Under Dr. Schiff’s plan there are no calories to count, no special foods to buy, no periods of starvation; there are no gimmicks or diets per se. Also, you shed weight and inches with ease day-by-day. You feel better – both physically and mentally. You learn to think clearly. You function with more energy, greater health, increased vitality, and an improved self image. You improve and elevate your lifestyle on a daily basis.Weight Thinker Food for Thought

Of prime consideration, each day on Dr. Schiff’s plan reverses old, negative and fattening behavioral patterns; each repetition reinforces and enhances new, positive, slenderizing behavioral changes. You develop correct and improved thinking and eating habits, thus losing unwanted pounds permanently… without dieting.

It is important to understand why fad diets and many diet books become popular without analysis or critical review. You must develop an awareness about erroneous, useless ideas, plans, and diets that are used to manipulate and exploit the public. After achieving this awareness, it is essential to discard these illogical, self-defeating thoughts, suggestions and foolish diets permanently. Thus, you will reach your desired goal - - - one day at a time --- one ounce or pound at a time.

Many overweight individuals basically don’t know what to think, how to understand or what to do about themselves and their weight situation; therefore, they grasp for “straws in the wind” – the gimmicks and the nonsensical diets; the foolish promises, the false hopes and erroneous expectations. They continue to try another fad diet, hoping to melt away those extra pounds without much thought, planning, time, effort and energy. But… impatience and procrastination invites failure; planning and daily effort leads to YOUR success, also… it helps you to set and reach your goal.

You must understand and accept that your weight problem is multi-faceted; it is more than just food. You must concern yourself with correct nutrition - - - a balanced, adequate, and healthy food intake. However, you must also be concerned with the “nutrition of the mind,” i.e., learning to cope with distressed, confused feelings and negative, uncontrolled “fattening” emotions → developing a balanced or relaxed state between mind and body → thus creating positive thoughts, attitudes, behavioral patterns and improved lifestyle. The pathway to your body is through and within your mind. The mind can make you fat but your mind can make you thin again. Learn to develop a slenderizing mental set by doing the daily work outlined in this all-inclusive weight control program and weight loss plan.

Thinker Playing TennisMost diets and diet books don’t acknowledge and embrace the fact that you are a person, not just another body. Their primary objective is the promotion of the diet or diet book with little or no regard for one’s total “being.” The physical and emotional deficits that often occur are conveniently overlooked, rationalized or excused. “Beware, my friend, of strangers bearing gifts.” The so-called “easy way” becomes the endless road to repeated frustration and perpetual failure, to boring and repetitious effort – spinning wheels, playing games, promising or making excuses, going on yet another diet.

Let’s face it… if diets worked, obesity would not be the most prevalent, fatal, chronic disease of the 21 st century. The National Institute of Health would not classify nearly two-thirds of Americans as overweight or obese (even a third of our children are overweight), and there would not be one billion people overweight worldwide.

Become aware of and avoid fad diets, self-styled diet books and countless self-serving remedies that pretend to administer to the millions. This awareness will help you to eliminate confusion and recurrent failure. Then you can proceed with Dr. Schiff’s Plan and with the logical, common sense learning and clear, effective thinking that leads to permanent weight control. Also, you will spend more time doing those things which produce the greatest amount of success, health and happiness. You will develop improved thinking and eating habits, thus losing unwanted pounds permanently and eliminating your overweight condition forever!

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