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An overview of Weight Producing Conditions and Situations

Fifty-five years of hands-on experience, careful examination, deep reflection, logical deliberation and increased understanding concerning weight control and weight loss has helped Martin Schiff, M.D. become aware of Mental Conditions and Situations and how these underlying mental/cerebral factors relate to, interact with, affect and change one’s Physical State.  Difficult, distressed, negative Conditions and confused, unmanageable fattening Situations produce a weighty state of mind.  Unwanted pounds and expanding fat deposits eventually result in obesity or a grossly overweight state.  This unhealthy physical state, together with unsatisfactory Mental Conditions and fattening Cerebral Situations, is the origin and the initial stage of many medical problems.

Dr. Schiff expressly and unequivocally states that diets and dieting are roads to endless frustration and repetitious failure regardless of the method or plan that is used.  He points out that Mental Conditions and Situations originate in the head and are part of a difficult to comprehend cerebral function or process.  He emphasizes that the key to normal body weight is to decrease or eliminate The Fat Between The Ears™.  This leads to sensible thinking and the logical conclusion that excess weight and unwanted pounds is neither the primary condition nor the actual problem.  There are a number of weighty factors to consider such as inner programming, cerebral conditioning, self-realization and understanding, states of mind, self-empowerment and lifestyle.  However… this significant, beneficial and enlightening information is never pondered or considered. 

Dr. Schiff came to the realization and personal awareness about how mental weight affects physical weight through his experience, exhaustive study, thoughtful attention and enlightened direction while practicing the art and science of medicine.  Also contributing to this logical association is the use and application of physiology, body chemistry, philosophy, psychology, health and nutrition.  He came to understand and realize the dynamic, important, influential relationship and the powerful weighty connection between The Inner Being and The Outer Physical Self.  Untoward individual or inner relationships and problematic mental connections lead to unsatisfactory, adverse thinking habits and fattening eating habits…eventually to an overweight or obese physical state.

Dr. Schiff ultimately determined that overweight individuals must decrease or eliminate both physical and mental (cerebral) weight, modify and change fattening Mental Conditions and Situations, improve personal behavioral patterns and characteristics; also advance and upgrade their states of mind.  This creates an uplifting, improved, self-empowered and slenderizing lifestyle.  This comprehensive, all-inclusive, successful approach and method encompasses mind, spirit, and body.  His philosophy is that overweight individuals must formulate and develop a reliable, effective, permanently binding relationship and connection between affirmative, advantageous Mental Conditions, slenderizing Cerebral Situations, their states of mind…and their Total Being.  This goal is achieved through specific and highly informative weight control/weight loss material – books, manuscripts, and cassette tapes.  Original thoughts and revealing information are gradually assimilated, then used and applied through the following learning principles: (1) relaxation; (2) developing, improving and expanding the imagination; and (3) repetition, repetition, repetition…

In summary, the overweight individual must eliminate mental weight in order to efficiently and effectively melt away extra, unwanted pounds.  The scales will move whenever one learns to move mentally.  The weight will take care of itself if and when overweight individuals learn to take care of themselves by improving unfavorable, fattening Mental Conditions and Situations.    

(More information about Dr. Schiff and his approach can be found at www.weightthinkers.com.)


The information provided by Weight Thinkers™ is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or healthcare provider.

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