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Many overweight individuals lose excess baggage repeatedly, only to regain all those unwanted pounds again and again. Due to long-standing confusion and inadequate understanding about themselves and their problems, they unwittingly resort to playing games --- such as “The Diet Game” and “The Losers-Finders Game.” You probably know what it is like to be on this “diet roller coaster” as you continue to try every fad diet and gimmick that is suggested… year after year. This “roller coaster mindset” is an endless, unreasonable, self-deceiving and self-defeating experience and journey in a futile effort to shed those unwanted pounds --- completely and forever.

Maybe the excess weight is a function of age, or decreased physical activity, or incorrect and fattening eating habits. Perhaps it is the result of complicated, disturbed, overwhelming, abnormal thought patterns. Or, could it be due to subtle lifestyle changes? There are other important factors such as negative experiences and events, mixed emotions and fractured feelings; also inaccurate, biased programming and misguided, poorly managed, unwise conditioning of our subconscious mind. Eventually, this leads to a number of “ingrained triggers” and “erroneous zones” --- all glitches and defects which interrupt the reliable, accurate, satisfactory operation of your mental computer. This process diminishes your capacity and power to adequately deal with many personal problems --- THUS, THE OVERWEIGHT PROBLEM! Learn to make yourself less of a problem… with and within yourself! Learn to change your mind and your lifestyle!

A “mental trigger” is a condition, circumstance, or external state in our daily lives that is associated (or disassociated) and aligned (or out of alignment) with our subconscious, internal state of mind. Our emotions and feelings are important characteristics of this subconscious (automatic) mind. An “erroneous zone” is an error that occurs (often unintentionally) in the process of programming and conditioning your mind. Due to a lack of clear, logical thought and analysis, unreasonable opinions are formed and poor judgment is frequently exhibited. These erroneous opinions and judgments are ingrained and fixed in your mental computer, usually over a prolonged period of time. Then, without realizing it, so-called “triggers” and “zones” develop. Their negative influence gradually increases as they are reinforced and accentuated by repetition, repetition.

Learn to feed your true hunger. But most important --- learn to understand and control your false hunger --- your appetite. False hunger is produced and increased by negative, self-degrading, self-limiting, self-disparaging emotions and feelings such as fear, frustration, nervousness, anger, failure, helplessness, confusion, guilt, depression, etc. IT IS EMOTIONAL WITH EVERYONE! Before you take that first impulsive or compulsive bite, ask yourself… “Is it hunger or is it appetite?”

There is no trying in Dr. Schiff’s weight control program, therefore, it is not a “trying program.” Remember though, if at first you don’t succeed --- think intensely and carefully about yourself and gain insight; also understand, enjoy, accept, and learn about yourself… your ability to think clearly, to self-instruct, and above all --- to UNDO and REDO (disconnect and reconnect) in a step-by-step, practical, logical way. As the potential to understand and control both true and false hunger increases, the pointer on the scale will inevitably continue to arc downward… without trying AND without repeated failure!

The following definitions are presented in order to appreciate, understand and define the extent and depth of the overweight problem: Weight control is hunger control --- is mind and thought control. Also, weight control is weight or fat loss and weight maintenance. Are you beginning to understand, visualize and see the picture more clearly? Will you make yourself a weight thinker, doer, loser… not just a weight watcher? Will you achieve the difficult, the impossible, now --- today and beyond? Will you finally seize this golden opportunity for success… NOW?

You may be able to eat whenever and whatever you desire without gaining weight. Then gradually you begin to notice a change --- you just don’t feel and look the same. Instead of being your own worst enemy, make yourself your own best friend. In any event… LEARN! In any event… eliminate non-productive, self-defeating, foolish games. In any event, learn to change your mind and improve your lifestyle… forever!

A sensible, easy-to-follow, all-inclusive, enjoyable, permanent… AND proven weight loss plan and weight control program (developed, defined and refined for more than 50 years by a prominent, knowledgeable, and highly experienced weight control specialist – Dr. Martin Schiff) --- can definitely help you to change old, fattening, unwanted thinking and eating habits. You will develop new, improved and desirable thought and food selection patterns (reprogramming and reconditioning your inaccurate mental and weight control processes) that will result in an enlightened, slimmer, goal-orientated YOU. This total plan allows you to achieve your desired weight in a logical, positive, slenderizing way… effectively, efficiently, and absolutely!

This program will help you develop the capacity to regulate food intake as well as the ability to eat in a healthful, sensible manner. Moreover, by gaining insight and self-understanding, you’ll develop the power to melt away those unwanted pounds. In the process you can expect to shed “the fat between the ears,” i.e., you will learn to cope with negative, distressed, confused feelings; also disturbed, uncontrolled, fattening emotions. Then, as an unexpected and improved lifestyle benefit, you’ll begin to minimize problems and manage situations that have “bugged” you for a long time. Ultimately --- there is the realization that you are finally able to eliminate those unwanted pounds permanently… without dieting… without trying… and without playing games!

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