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Are there any key thoughts or information that can help me to comprehend myself and allow me to achieve my goal?

Dr. Schiff Dr. Schiff: Yes, and here are four definitions and concepts to “enlighten” the way.

Weight Thinkers have spirit

The repetitious adaptation and comprehension of “power-full,” profound thoughts --- the clear, accurate mental adjustments --- the correct, meaningful development and use of moral values and ethical qualities --- the firm application of intellectual and spiritual principles --- the immortal, immaterial, vital dimensions of YOUR INNER SELF --- the inspirational, uplifting, illuminating States Of Your Mind --- the important characteristics and the “fundamental” nature of “YOUR BEING” is referenced and known as THE SPIRIT. The Spirit and The Psyche influence and control your personal motivation, cerebral activity, mental action and reaction; also Inner States recognition and Inter-States cooperation. The Spirit creates a clear understanding and fosters a total acceptance within and between The States Of Your Mind. It increases mental or cerebral and psychological awareness. It enlightens and energizes The States Of Your Mind. The Spirit possesses power and the capacity to stimulate Mental States. This allows you to control mixed, indecisive, “fattening sentiments,” emotions and feelings. It also moderates the development and productivity of The States Of Your Mind. It regulates cerebral conditioning and programming --- leading to self-understanding and self-realization. The Spirit develops inner energy, infinite power, considerable mental force and strength --- thus fulfilling endless wants and satisfying personal desires. It helps to establish and improve YOUR NATURE. It creates, affirms, and defines “YOUR COMPLETE BEING.” The Spirit illuminates and advances individual traits --- thereby molding, uplifting and improving your character and “BEING.” It helps to modify and assists in the development and control of imperceptible Mental States and your outer Physical State. The energy generated by The Spirit helps to manage imperceptible cerebral pictures --- to visualize and understand intangible mental images. It regulates inner changes --- thus advancing different thoughts, ideas, and notions. This leads to sensible planning and deliberation --- to logical and meaningful mental activity --- to accurate mental actions and beneficial cerebral power, force, and strength. It formulates new, accurate ideas --- also effective, enlightening and slenderizing thoughts. It defines the essence --- then establishes the traits and empowers the nature of “YOUR TOTAL BEING.” The Spirit is the “ele-mental” and essential source that regulates and controls sentiments, emotions and feelings. It modifies, adjusts and changes The States Of Your Mind --- thereby illuminating, strengthening, enforcing, uplifting, and improving Your Inner Self, “YOUR BEING,” and Your Psyche. This makes Your States Of Mind understandable and well-defined --- allowing you to visualize and understand YOURSELF. This process is influenced and monitored by The Intellect; also by the inborn, innate Intelligence Of The Subconscious Mind. Moreover --- The Spirit is separate and distinct from your material self. It is different from your visible, clearly delineated outer self and your formed physical state. The Spirit is the difficult to perceive, to conceptualize, to envision, to imagine “Soul Of Your BEING.”

The soul is an uncontrolled, unconscious presence that leads to a spontaneous, controlled form of behavior --- and to an important extension of your inner self. It is an ambiguous quality, an indefinite characteristic and obscure trait, a difficult to define dimension and unclear aspect of your inner self. It controls The Mental States Of Your Mind. This provides the method and the way to control your outer self --- to adjust and regulate your Physical State.

This decisive expression and exact impression is analyzed, modified, accepted or rejected --- finally understood and illuminated by the so-called mind’s eye or the eye of the intellect. The soul is the unfathomable depth and unlimited extent of “YOUR BEING.” This poorly defined, indistinct, vaguely interpreted and non-descript concept, perception, notion and image is difficult to imagine and visualize. It is the inner link and the binding connection, the firmly inter-woven, powerful and strengthening bond between The States Of Your Mind. The soul is the energetic origin and the effective, dynamic, practical development of thoughts, ideas and notions. It possesses the capacity to develop and the ability to modify, change and regulate individual characteristics and personal traits. The soul is the beginning or inception of Your Inner Self and a deep, profound building block of “YOUR BEING.” It initiates and stimulates an emotional state of mind and the emotions. It is responsible for the development, realization, and validation of feelings. It is the wellspring of feelings. The soul is an unending and timeless cerebral concept which is established, enhanced and inwardly advanced … a continual mental activity and dynamic cerebral action. This produces a heightened awareness and a deep-rooted understanding of self … resulting in the production of unlimited cerebral energy and infinite mental power. The soul provides guidance, insight and produces a deeply intense understanding of your inner, Internal Self or “BEING.” The soul affords a level and degree of mental activity that connects and unites your mind (psyche), spirit and body. This connection and union generates and produces a vitalizing, stimulating and reciprocal force which empowers The Psyche and The States Of Your Mind.

However -- the capacity, ability and inherent strength of the soul can only be regulated or modified --- then advanced and elevated by YOU!

Mental States of The Mind are the internal conditions and variable situations, the alternating action and changing cerebral course or direction, the many conclusions and the purposeful order or arrangement—the ultimate emotional response and the condition or character of Your States Of The Mind. Nonetheless --- it is important to understand and realize that The Subconscious Mind and The Conscious Mind develop and produce these so-called Mental States or States Of Your Mind. Mental States stimulate, formulate, modify or adjust --- and enlighten thoughts, ideas, notions… and YOU. These States are influenced by events, experiences, attitudes, behavioral patterns, lifestyle, cerebral conditioning and programming. The many states of “Your Inner Self” and “Your Total Being” are modified and controlled by dynamic variables, changing cerebral conditions and situations --- also by the development, action, order or arrangement, and the ultimate emotional response and the condition or character of Your States Of The Mind.

The Intellect is the primary and major factor, the principal consideration and the most important dimension of The Intellectual State Of The Subconscious Mind. It receives and comprehends thoughts, ideas, and notions --- then uses and applies these mental considerations and qualities day-by-day. It has the ability to formulate, develop, produce, analyze --- then accept different and advanced thoughts --- or reject outdated, undesirable information and instructions. The Intellect formulates and develops improved, helpful learning methods and techniques --- also logical and sensible thoughts, straightforward knowledge and beneficial ideas. This leads to increased mental stimulation, cerebral action and activity --- finally to cerebral empowerment, enforcement, and individual improvement. It facilitates the connection and the complete union within A Mental State and a firm, slenderizing connection between The States Of Your Mind—resulting in self-understanding and self-realization. The Intellect is different from The Power Of The Subconscious Mind and The Will Of The Conscious Mind. It is different from mental strength and force --- also from the capacity and ability to generate, develop and produce An Emotional State Of The Mind and Emotions. It is different from A Feeling State Of The Mind and Feelings. Moreover --- The Intellect is a significant and defining characteristic, an important part and influential presence of The Intellectual State Of The Subconscious Mind.

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