Title Weight Thinkers Club



  • Setting and reaching your weight control/weight loss goals… enjoyably, permanently, with ease... and without dieting.
  • Coping with disturbed emotions, stressful situations, and personal challenges without the need for food or any other crutch, i.e., drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.
  • Replacing unwanted, fattening, self-defeating habits with desirable, improved behavior and a slenderizing and uplifting lifestyle.
  • Feeling better, both physically and mentally - - - outwardly and inwardly.
  • Acquiring unlimited inner energy, power, and strength... and vitality.
  • Empowering yourself by learning, thinking and doing for yourself.
  • Looking in the mirror and feeling great about how you think, look and feel.

What Do You Do Next?

After you join Weight Thinkers™, think, learn, and accept inspiration from the Schiffism you will receive daily. Become a “Thinker” in your own right. Continue on the healthful path you’ve chosen by reading Dr. Schiff’s pamphlets, books, utilize his writing technique, and listen to his tapes. Remember to do so each day. Repetition is the key to your success. Use and application provide the means that will ensure meaningful results.

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