If you are thinking about slimming down, there is something important that you must do - - - discard “The Fat Between The Ears” as you gradually eliminate the excess fat from your body. Discarding “The Fat Between The Ears” means learning to cope with disturbed, uncontrolled, downgrading experiences and events; to control traumatic, confused, agitated, depressed, “fat generating” feelings and emotions. Achieve this important goal, then you will shed those unwanted pounds permanently… with ease… day-by-day!

Instead of making a realistic, intelligent analysis of their weight condition and a logical, sincere effort to understand themselves, many overweight individuals rationalize, make excuses, avoid the basic facts and play foolish games. They learn to fail. So… they let themselves down. Why??? Many individuals frequently resort to self-serving fad diets, rationalizations, and meaningless gimmicks - - - always searching for a quick way to slim down. Some overweight people even manage to shed considerable excess baggage; but sooner or later they mismanage, backslide and gain it all back. They play the BACK AND FORTH game and the LOSER-FINDER game. They foolishly learn to fail!

The primary concern of most overweight individuals who decide to go on a diet is their body fat or physical weight. Unfortunately, they overlook their confused thoughts, distressed feelings, and disturbed, uncontrolled, negative emotions which eventually produce fattening mental weight. Dieting is a common but erroneous approach that often leads to a familiar mind-body chain reaction: negative feelings and situations→ eat to feel better→ weight increases→ negativity increases→ food intake increases→ unwanted pounds increase→ ad infinitum. This short-sighted, repetitious approach and related chain reaction leads to disappointment, frustration and failure. Obviously, dieting is a waste of time and effort… SPINNING WHEELS…. PLAYING GAMES - - - the MERRY-GO-ROUND, the SEE SAW, the YO-YO game.

Why do diets and dieting usually fail? Because, from a practical and realistic viewpoint, it is impossible to continue indefinitely with a strict or rigid diet routine. Dieting is an uncomfortable, frustrating routine that runs contrary to our human tendencies and inclinations, our capacity and ability to control true or false hunger, our learned and ingrained behavior patterns - - - it is a restrictive, wasteful, self-punishing and self-defeating routine or discipline. Sooner or later you are bound to yield to a tempting morsel “just this one time.” Then you are off the diet… and the pounds return. Also, negative feelings return and are compounded. The DIET game. The ON-OFF game. And… the wheel of fortune cookies continues to spin… endlessly.

We are frequently exposed to disturbed, uncontrolled, downgrading experiences and events; to traumatic, confused, agitated, “fattening” feelings and emotions. As a result, many individuals develop a distorted self-image and a low self-esteem; they also develop negative and fattening thoughts, attitudes, behavior patterns, responses, impulses, compulsions, habits and mental blocks. Thus, it is apparent that weight reduction is as much a mental process (developing common sense and logical, slenderizing thoughts) as it is a physical process. You cannot divorce the mind from the body. The mind can make you ill or well. The mind can make you fat or thin. Therefore, a weight control program must be mind-body oriented in order to be effective and successful! The orientation in this comprehensive, easy-to-follow weight control and weight loss plan includes the information and “how to” directions or techniques described in Dr. Schiff’s books, pamphlets, and weight-loss cassette tapes. It also requires daily effort, work, learning, and achievement. However, your achievements will depend upon whatever YOU read, write, think, say, do… and undo day-by-day.

Dieting per se is neither concerned with nor deals with the total person - - - one’s feelings, attitudes, thoughts, lifestyle and emotions. Dieting doesn’t help to develop basic human qualities such as awareness, desire, determination, faith, perseverance, motivation, and inspiration. These are just a few of the desirable and important human qualities necessary to achieve permanent and effective weight control (mind-body control). You must realize and accept that your weight problem is multifaceted… it is more than just food. Weight programs which do not acknowledge and embrace the fact that you are a person, not just a body, are deficient, self-limiting, and ineffective.

You must understand that monitoring and controlling thoughts, attitudes, behavioral patterns, feelings, and emotions is helpful in coping with stress and dis-ease (lack of ease). These factors are also important in order to control the overweight condition or situation and eliminate the medical problems related to obesity! However, it does require considerable time, patience, energy, and effort to change. Impatience and procrastination leads to failure. Planning and daily effort will lead to your success. An essential ingredient for this success is repetition… repetition… repetition… but remember, easy does it all the time; uneasy never does it… anytime. Develop patience! Allow yourself time! Make yourself successful! Then those excess pounds will melt away… permanently!

The scales will move when you learn to move mentally. The weight will take care of itself if and when you learn to take care of yourself. Taking care includes the day-to-day use and application of all aspects of Dr. Schiff’s weight-loss and weight control program. Learn to be a weight thinker, doer, loser - - - not just a weight watcher. LEARN TO CONTROL! LEARN!

Weight loss without rehabilitation of lifestyle is fruitless because sooner or later you will gain it all back. The only way to shed all those unwanted pounds permanently is to change your lifestyle day-by-day. Lifestyle includes eating, thinking, self-understanding and self-instructing, enjoying, learning, doing and being. Eat, think, understand and instruct yourself differently; then enjoying, learning, doing and “BEING” will eventually become a reality. You can develop your own improved lifestyle! And you can eliminate those excess pounds forever… step-by-step… with ease!

You must learn to change your mind and your lifestyle day-by-day in order to change your eating habits and effectively control your weight. The pathway to your body is through and within your mind. The mind can make you fat… but your mind can make you thin again!

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