Based on his conclusion that the pathway to the body is through and within the mind, Dr. Schiff had three exclusive T-shirts designed for his club members.

It “hits you right between your ears,” just as he does in his writing and has done in his 50 plus years of private practice.

Hit yourself between the ears now! Translate your wants and desires into deeds and goals achieved.

Diets don't work, but a Schiffism a day keeps the fat away- wear your positive intention now.

Change your thinking, change your weight keeps your mind on top of the game. Order one now.

Order a Weight Thinkers™ T-Shirt now (extra large size only)


What Is The Fat Between Your Ears?
Price: $14.95



Diets Don't Work
Price: $14.95



Change Your Thinking, Change Your Weight
Price: $14.95

For information on ordering this product, please write to
Dr. Schiff at
1158 26th Street #446
Santa Monica, CA 9070

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