When you order this package of Dr. Schiff’s products today,
you save $23.70.

  • 12-month membership in Weight Thinkers™
  • His three books
    • Doctor Schiff’s One-Day-At-A-Time Weight-Loss Plan
    • Eat and Stay Slim
    • The Thin Connection
  • His manuscripts
    • YOU
    • Lose Unwanted Pounds Permanently Without Dieting/Trying/Playing Games
  • His cassette tapes
    • 13 Steps to Dr. Schiff’s Weight Control Program for A Happier, Healthier, and Longer Life
  • His pamphlets (free with a 12-month membership)
  • Your choice of one of three Weight Thinkers™ T-Shirts

Weight Thinkers money saving offer



Money Saving Offer
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For information on ordering this product, please write to
Dr. Schiff at
1158 26th Street #446
Santa Monica, CA 9070


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