Dr. Schiff’s forward-thinking, step-by-step, one-day at a time program assists in coping with personal problems and activities. It modifies how you live your life. It successfully removes fattening tendencies and repetitious failure, self-defeating behavioral patterns, negative mental programming and conditioning.

The following all-inclusive, enlightening, beneficial Weight Thinkers™ membership, books, tapes, pamphlets, T-shirts, meal replacement and snack products will help you eliminate unreasonable, counterproductive, failure-laden habits which inhibit your ability and diminish your power to help maximize your health, success, happiness, and lifespan. Make yourself a weight thinker, doer, loser, a weight dis-connector. Develop lighter, brighter, uplifting, upgrading, slenderizing thoughts.

Start today!


Medical Reimbursement
Morbid obesity is classified as a disease and Weight Thinkers™ charges may be covered by your medical insurance carrier or MediCare. Confirm this information with your carrier or MediCare consultant.

The information provided by Weight Thinkers™ is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or healthcare provider.


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