Dr. Schiff One Day at a Time Weight Loss Plan

One Day at a Time Weight Loos Plan $26.95


Thousands of overweight patients successfully shed unwanted pounds permanently without dieting under the guidance of Martin M. Schiff, M.D. The “how to” is in his book.

Dr. Schiff is convinced that dieting is a foolish game people play. Overweight people see their weight problems in terms of the food they eat or don’t eat. Therefore, when they go on a diet they lose weight and when they go off the diet they gain all or more of the weight right back. In Dr. Schiff’s proven system for permanent weight control and weight loss, the individual gains insight into the how and why of eating, then turns the insight gained into pounds permanently lost. He helps you to eliminate “The Fat Between The Ears.”

With this plan there are no calories to count. There are no special foods to buy. There are no periods of starvation. There are no gimmicks or useless diets.

Also, you decrease weight and inches with ease day-by-day. You feel better --- both physically and mentally. You function with more energy, greater health, and increased vitality. You enjoy life.

Each day on the plan reverses negative behavioral patterns and each repetition reinforces and enhances these behavioral changes. You develop correct and improved thinking and eating habits, thus ending the overweight condition forever.


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