Schiffisms are inspired by the wisdom of the ages, the minds and voices of the candid thinkers, teachers … and doers.

Martin Schiff, M.D., creator of the Schiffism, has made them an integral part of his newly established online membership club, WEIGHTTHINKERS™. Each day members receive an affirmation to assist in actualizing his highly effective weight control/weight loss program.

A specialist in weight control and weight loss for more than 50 years, Dr. Schiff is convinced that dieting is ineffective in losing weight permanently. In most cases, whenever you end the diet, the weight returns. Adding exercise to the equation is helpful but doesn’t act alone to keep it off. Adding mental gymnastics ensures permanent success.

It is one’s “thinking” that has to be changed … eliminating “The Fat Between The Ears.” By learning to cope with emotional issues and developing a positive sense of self … a positive self-image and permanent weight control can be achieved.

Realizing that throughout history, the greatest philosophers, scientists, sages and deep thinkers Dr. Schiff portraithave known that, in effect, “we are what we experience, learn, think, and do… that our possibilities are limited primarily by our thoughts, deeds… and ourselves,” Dr. Schiff’s compendium of “Schiffisms,” one-a-day “vitamins for the spirit and the soul,” paraphrase the comments, sayings, teachings and wisdom of these great minds, relating them to weight control, weight loss and a happier, healthier, uplifting lifestyle. Using psychosemantics (the study of the relationship between words and thoughts), Schiffisms are positive and affirmative. One might say that “A Schiffism A Day Keeps The Fat Away!”

From Confucius to Plato to Aristotle, from Socrates to Freud, Shakespeare to Emerson, Moses to Maimonides, from Rogers and Hammerstein to the Beetles, Alcoholics Anonymous to the Boy Scouts, Dr. Schiff translates and redefines their immortal words and thoughts. From “To thine own self be true” to “Stop playing games, going on and off diets. Be honest with yourself always.” “Change your thinking, change your life,” becomes “Change your thinking, change your weight.” Abe Lincoln’s “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be,” translates to “Most folks are as slim as they think… AND DO.” Johnny Mercer’s song advises, “You’ve Got to Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative.”

Dr. Schiff says, “Think positive thoughts, eliminate negativity from your mind. You will light up your life forever.”

Other examples of Schiffisms are:

  • Diets don’t work and a correct thought a day makes a diet passe .
  • The primary, individual daily concern is … what you eat, think, say, do and undo. Make yourself a weight thinker, doer, loser … not just a weight watcher or procrastinator (a weight-loss failure).
  • Five hours in the gym can easily be undone by less than five minutes in the mouth.
  • Is it hunger or is it appetite? Learn to feed your true hunger. Learn to control your false hunger (appetite).
  • Enjoy the vacation, party, the event …but the greatest joy is learning to control, to gain insight and self-understanding, learning to love yourself.
  • A thousand pills a day is not the answer. It is a thousand thoughts … food for thought … non-caloric … slenderizing.
  • The weight will take care of itself if and when you learn to think, understand, enjoy, accept, undo, do … and … take care of yourself.
  • Food is important …. Food for thought is essential and non-caloric. Also, it is mentally nutritious.



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