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With alarming statistics such as one billion people worldwide overweight and obesity at epidemic proportions, acclaimed weight control/weight loss expert, Martin Schiff, M.D., won’t retire from his highly successful 50-year bariatric medical practice.

“Now, more than ever,” he states, “it is critical for people to understand that the reason for the overweight condition and obesity is the incorrect and negative way people think about and treat themselves. “Eating is not the problem,” he declares, “self defeating thinking is the culprit. Diets don’t change erroneous, fattening thinking. It’s the ‘Fat Between The Ears’ one has to eliminate.”

Rather than retire, Schiff has founded “WEIGHT THINKERS,” an on-line weight control and weight loss club that uses a patent-pending email technology to deliver a 13-step weight control program that he developed to help people learn how a negative self image is at the core of unwanted pounds. Dr. Schiff also emails daily affirmations, called “SCHIFFISMS,” to members to assist in this process. …. “Change your thinking, improve your lifestyle and change your life,” “think light, do more, eat less, weigh less.” Enjoying one of the highest success rates in the profession, Dr. Schiff has served as a catalyst to help thousands of people help themselves.

While all ages are welcome, the Baby Boomer generation is the target group for WEIGHT THINKERS. “It’s the age group that has just begun to develop that spread around the middle; the generation that depends completely on diet and exercise as generations have always done,” Dr. Schiff explains. “I’m not diminishing the value of exercise and healthy eating. They’re critical. It’s the lack of awareness of the interaction between the mind, the spirit and the body that is the problem … ‘mental and emotional eating,’” he continues, then adds a SCHIFFISM: “Five hours in the gym can easily be undone by five minutes in the mouth (and even less time in the mind.)” According to Dr. Schiff, Baby Boomers can influence their children and their parents. Changing their thinking is a win-win situation for our whole culture. Besides founding WEIGHT THINKERS, Dr. Schiff is scheduling a series of lectures.

One of the first Bariatric physicians (weight control specialists) to connect the dots and dashes between mind, spirit and body, Dr. Schiff is the author of best sellers Miracle Weight Loss Guide and One-Day-At-A-Time Weight Loss Plan (Literary Guild and Doubleday Club Selections) Eat and Stay Slim, The Thin Connection, manuscripts You and Lose Unwanted Pounds Permanently Without Dieting/Trying/Playing Games; Schiffisms; and a 5 hour-6 cassette tape weight loss program, Dr. Schiff’s Weight Loss Plan for Health, Happiness AND a Longer Life Span.


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