Bio of Dr. Martin Schiff
Author of The Thin Connection

Dr. Schiff PortraitFor almost five decades, acclaimed weight control/weight loss practitioner, Martin Schiff, M.D., has applied his professional skills toward studying and resolving overweight conditions, fattening mental situations and physiological problems associated with obesity. He emphatically rejects the erroneous, self-defeating notion of dieting as a means of shedding extra baggage. Dr. Schiff explicitly states that “Diets Don’t Work.” He observed that patients regained unwanted pounds whenever they resorted to useless dieting plans.

Through exhaustive study, logic and sensible thinking that includes physiology, bariatrics, (the study of weight control and weight loss), body chemistry, philosophy, psychology, health and nutrition, Dr. Schiff is totally aware of a profound, close reciprocal connection between the body, spirit and mind and identified what he terms “mental and emotional weight.” Once he established the undeniable influence between “how one thinks and feels” and “how one eats and metabolizes food,” Dr. Schiff developed the How-to directions and techniques to create a step-by-step, easy to follow, all inclusive program that approached weight loss as both a mental condition and a physical process.

He accurately and precisely explains, “The overweight condition begins in your head. The foolproof way to shed those unwanted pounds is to eliminate ‘The Fat Between The Ears;’ to permanently change your lifestyle, your thinking and your eating habits.”

Dr. Schiff’s patients learn how to unthink, unlearn, untrain, and undo their frustrating affair with food… then to rethink, retrain and eat thoughtfully. He considers himself a catalyst for overweight patients as they shed burdensome, unwanted pounds permanently and ultimately achieve slim, healthy bodies, a profound knowledge of their own inner strength and, as a high-level result, an increased joy of self-understanding, enlightenment, self-empowerment and slender living.

To assist his patients in their “new thought process,” Dr. Schiff has created a list of motivating principles, affirmations and truisms aptly titled “SCHIFFISMS” … “Change your thinking, improve your lifestyle, change your weight…also think light.

Although Dr, Schiff has had to contend with a constant barrage of Johnny Come Lately fad diets since he began practice in 1951, he has the reputation of having one of the best records for permanent weight control among the many overweight patients that he has treated. A prolific author, his One Day At-A-Time Weight Loss Plan was a Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club Selection and best seller, Miracle Weight Loss Plan,a best seller …. Also, The Thin Connection and Eat and Stay Slim, popular favorites. His highly motivating weight-loss cassette library, Dr. Schiff’s Weight Plan for a Healthier, Happier and Longer Life, was a Books-On-Tape top-seller. Dr. Schiff’s most recently published work, after an unbelievable 23-year effort, is his beneficial and enlightening double manuscript 1) YOU, A Guide To Your Outer Self, A Road Map to ‘Your Inner Being’ and 2) Lose Unwanted Pounds Permanently Without Dieting/Trying/Playing Games.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Dr. Schiff graduated from Penn State University in 1943 with a BS in Science. Prior to attending California College of Medicine in 1946, he served in the U.S. Naval Reserve, Lieutenant, Senior Grade (active duty). He interned at Los Angeles County Hospital and began his private practice in 1951. He is a member of the Los Angeles County Medical Association and the California Bariatric (weight control) Society, and a biographee in “Who’s Who in California,” “Who’s Who in the West,” “Who’s Who in Medicine and Health,” “Who’s Who In America” and “Who’s Who In The World.”


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