San Dimas, CA --- Commutual Technologies has contracted with Martin Schiff, M.D., a Bariatric (weight control/weight loss physician) to power his recently-launched WEIGHT THINKERS™ online membership club, it was announced today by Michael Fleming, Commutual founder and CEO.

Commutual’s patent-pending technology was developed to “create relationships and unite visions” through daily messaging via the web for nonprofit organizations, the company’s initial target market. “By implementing our proprietary enterprise software solution, nonprofits acquire more donations and constituents at a significantly lower cost than otherwise available,” Fleming explains. “And, we find that our technology also provides communication solutions for other types of companies and organizations. Dr. Schiff’s desire to relate to his members who have overweight conditions and obesity challenges on an ‘up close and personal basis’ is an exciting project for us. We are delighted to be the communications avenue over which Dr. Schiff’s daily affirmations, called ‘SCHIFFISMS,’ reach his club members.”

Dr. Schiff is a pioneer in the field of weight control/weight loss and one of the first physicians to realize the close, inescapable connection between mind, spirit and body. His firm conviction that “Diets don’t work, it’s the ‘Fat Between Your Ears’ that is the culprit,” flies in the face of popular trends, but he has guided literally thousands of patients to permanent, fat-free figures and happier lives by teaching them that how they think about, take care of, and assume responsibility for themselves is the key to permanent weight control.

Dr. Schiff established his new WEIGHT THINKERS online membership club as a way to confront the current worldwide issue of fat and obesity and as a way to reach an enormous number of people. By employing the relationship building techniques of Commutual Technologies, he believes that if WEIGHT THINKERS members feel a personal connection with him, they will more readily follow his step-by-step, easy-to-follow program to unlearn, unthink and undo ill-placed false love affairs with food and re-learn, re-think and re-do “Your Total Being” day-by-day.

Commutual Technologies is located at 615 East Foothill Blvd., Suite A, San Dimas, CA 91773, 909.599.1905.


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